We envision a just world in which all children, families, and communities thrive.


The Center for Family, Community, & Social Justice (CFCSJ) is committed to optimal child and family development  ​ in economically oppressed communities. We support the development of future teachers of a socially just perspective that emphasizes the centrality of relationships and the socio-political context of people's lives.  CFCSJ pursues this commitment by providing  the highest quality clinical training, supervision, therapy and consultation to health, education, and human services professionals.







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CFCSJ especially serves children, adolescents, and families who may lack access to high quality therapy, or who are marginalized because of their culture, class, income, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, immigration status or colonization status.  We train mental health and human service professionals who serve marginalized communities.

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CFCSJ works with and within families and communities using an innovative and responsive therapy approach that is family-focused, socially just, and context centered

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The Center for Family, Community, & Social Justice Inc.

Teaching Healing and Empowerment through Relationships

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The extensive bibliography refers the reader to the vast body of research supporting the Center's approach to family therapy.


The Center is engaged in ongoing projects that are family and community oriented.


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Your contribution will help sustain and enrich the lives of children and families through a range of activities.

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