MovieStarPlanet Cheats to Develop Movies Easily

Moviestarplanet Cheats

MovieStorPlanet, played by millions, is among the prevalent games in the role-playing and creative field of a smartphone game section. However, due to a lack of methods to earn currencies, it has a lot of negative reviews. To help you out, our best moviestarplanet cheats is here. Starcoins and fame are two currencies in the game and using this method; both can be acquired. It is preferred by millions of gamers and takes care of all the currency shortage problems with ease.

Movies in MSP

Moviestar planet is filled with loads of films, but they’re mostly actors from all around the globe, and you’re there to ranking them. Do not delay in giving him an excellent score to motivate his maker if he has liked a film.

But it is equally essential to know how to create movies in the game. Following are our tips in the game to create some awesome Movies.

MSP Hack to Create Movies

It’s always usual to get an idea for a movie, but you can try some things differently like many stuff you read online. Transform these Ideas into a film, and it’ll require 1 minute to prepare it.

Instead of five-minute history, try to produce a short film. The movie is widely preferable if it is of one or two minutes, and can be hilarious, intimate, social, etc.

It’s enough actually to start with a lesser number of characters. A film about a single person is always typical, and nobody likes such movies.

Buy great clothes for your character and continue to change from different screen frames. It will enhance the instructiveness and look-alike of your movie.

Using pets is another good idea to include in the Movie ideas. You will have three distinct currencies to purchase your pet animals. If you want a distinctive creature, it will give a prize of coins, and it is essential to be a VIP member.

These MSP hack & tricks can be tried while you are in a good film. On the other hand, MSP Piggy Bank can help if you do not have enough resources for premium clothes. It’s much preferred, and without a problem, you can rely on it.

What is MovieStarPlanet Piggy Bank?

If you go to the bottom left of the gameplay screen, you will find a piggy bank icon. It is an excellent moviestarplanet hack for those who can spend a small amount and get the VIP account of the game.

Following are the benefits that you receive from the VIP account and Piggy Bank:

  • VIPs will receive additional star coin benefits and fame.
  • Collect additional money from free games.
  • Access to your money is always allowed.


At this point, you should be thoroughly familiar with the rules of the game and prepared to proceed into the next level. Movie creation and rating are the best hacks to get awesome rewards.

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