My Story Choose Your Own Path: Best Stories

my story choose your own path best stories

In this article, I will introduce you to three of the best stories in My Story Choose Your Own Path. Following this story, reference is supposed to be helping you recognize the gameplay and provide you with a brief overview of the events that are about to take place without spoiling something significant.

Mark & me.

You’ve known mark since you’ve been two years of age and you’ve always disliked him because he’s always been running after you around with frogs and dragging you into the water, pulling your ponytails and calling you in cheap mick names.

You were not able to get rid of him as your mom was his father’s best friends, so the relationship was too good. Nevertheless, things began to change as you grew older gradually. Things got different when the age of this bitter relation turned into years.

Finally, you turn into a friend with Mark, and this was the most unusual thing that you could have ever imagined. Soon the things moved to a way that changed your life.  I will leave the story here for you to discover the rest as your story.

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Forbidden Fruit

As an excellent dating story, the next choice is Forbidden Fruit. The story initiates from the day you go to a bar to get a break from your frustrating school life.

You get attracted towards the barman and find the charm to get hooked up. But suddenly comes your professor and urges to propose you.

What is your choice at this stage? Will you continue a fake relationship with your professor for a long time or you will deny and go for the bartender? Choose your own path and play the story.

The Billionaire’s Darling

A gorgeous billionaire, a sweet college kid, has his eye on you? It sounds like the dream of every woman. But what direction will you choose if he gives you an odd offer?

And what happens if your fake relationship begins to turn into a true story of love? Could you get through the turmoil with Henry and hold your love towards each other?

Play My Story Choose your own path and discover this excellent story.

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A few more Words

Three key narratives of my choice are illustrated above. Multiple stories have been most played and sold so far. You will find these stories featured at the top of the main page.

I will suggest that you start playing the game with them as it will get you hooked up much faster.

Choose from tons of different styles to play through, any story you want will wait for you to unlock it. That’s how the game works, and that’s just what you should plan to do from now on.

After reading till this, I am quite sure you’re completely fed up with the game and willing to try some new stories. You will not feel different If you have played the story I mentioned and know more about the gameplay.

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