The Sims Mobile Currency Guide – Types Roles and Tips

the sims mobile currency guide

The Sims Mobile is a trending simulation game introduced for Android and iOS devices getting fame all over the world.

Every player in the game needs to create a Sim, house, select the jobs, besides the need to keep them happy.

Every Sim plays a crucial role in the game from which you can do various tasks. Different kinds of exciting tasks, missions, challenges added in the game that makes it fabulous as compared to others.

There is no need to pay any cent for downloading or running the game as it is entirely free available.

For purchasing each item in the game, users need to earn in-game currencies. Different kinds of currencies are added in the game, which plays an essential role.

Maintaining each currency in more massive amount helps users to perform all tasks smoothly without getting stressed.

Also, they get a chance to become pro player like no one another can. If you don’t know anything about The Sims Mobile game currency, try to focus on the forthcoming content more. Here we are going to mention all about in-game currencies. and some cheats for sims mobile to get em in.


It is the first kind of currency used in every Sims game from which users can earn various needy stuff. At the beginning of The Sims Mobile levels, users get free 100 Simoleons as a startup for purchasing essential items.

If you don’t need to pay any cent for getting this currency, don’t panic as through the simple gameplay, it can be earned.

By completing various tasks, daily missions, logins, players are able to make this currency in a substantial amount.

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SimCash is considered as premium currency of the game that can be used to purchase expensive items besides to perform superior tasks.

It’s not an easy task to earn this currency quickly as it is a premium kind. So, players need to complete various tasks for making this currency in the right amount.

If you want to purchase this currency instantly, try to buy it from a local game store.


Tokens are one of the crucial currencies of The Sims Mobile game that can be used to purchase valuable as well as individual game items.

The money cannot be purchased through real cash; it can be only earned through playing missions, events, quests, or challenges.

Also, it helps you to buy booster potions from which you can update various stats of the Sims. Under tokens, there are four kinds divided in order to perform different tasks-

  • Relationship tokens
  • Career tokens
  • Hobby tokens
  • Party tokens


It is the latest currency of The Sims Mobile game that is available on the updated version only. It works the same as tokens, and it is given as a reward of participating in missions, events, or challenges.

The currency can be earned through completing various events, quests, daily tasks as well as through watching ads.

So, if you need to progress in the game faster besides need to play smoothly, try to earn each currency of The Sims Mobile more.

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