Wordscapes Cheats Which You Can Use in Game

wordscapes cheats


Wordscapes is an exciting and fun word puzzle game developed and launched by PeopleFun. The game consists of so many exciting levels that never let the users get bored. It is super fun and challenges at every single level that keeps the users always stick to the games.

All you need to do is to have a sufficient vocabulary to keep up with the game. In this article, we are going to show you some straightforward tricks, and Wordscapes cheats to clear the levels instantly.

Wordscapes Cheats To Earn Free In Game Currency

Guess Bonus Words

Making coins is very important at the beginning of this game. In Wordscapes, you will always get tips whenever you get lost or get stuck at any point. But, to get those tips, you have to earn coins first. There are many Wordscapes cheats to earn coins, and one of them is guessing bonus words.

  • You will get the chance to guess the puzzle words in many turns. All you need to do is grab the opportunity to speculate that bonus word; otherwise, you will lose the chance once you solve the entire crossword.
  • There are many ways to guess the bonus words and one of the best ways to infer them is by counting the number of alphabets that needs to fit in and then guess the word according to it.
  • Guessing these bonus words will help you earn coins which in turn helps you in upgrading the levels and also clearing the difficult ones.
  • In Wordscapes, you always require some extra coins that will help you from losing a level by spending them. But how to hack Wordscapes to have a good stock of coins with yourself.

Don’t Forget the Daily Crosswords

The daily puzzles are the vital Wordscapes hack of earning coins in Wordscapes regularly. There are so many rewards for attempting daily crosswords. Not only for striving, but there are numerous rewards for clearing every single crossword.

  • You will get to earn coins for every word you clear whether it is on the mainboard or the daily board.
  • The best part about these daily puzzles is that there is no limit to words. That means you can take full advantage of it by guessing more and more words.
  • Try to clear these daily crosswords regularly, and it will help you earn enough coins for further levels. You will find various Wordscapes hack apk. But they are a genuine spoiler.

Guess the Challenging Words

As we have mentioned earlier, the game is full of exciting levels and challenges. Wordscapes always add things that make the users keep glued to the game. But if you play through Wordscapes mod apk, you will miss them.

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In some levels, you will find some challenging words which can be a good source of earning coins and gems.

  • Usually, these challenging words appear at higher levels. As you start reaching the higher levels, the game will begin to seem more difficult.
  • For that, these challenging words have been introduced. But these challenging words can become a good source for earning high rewards at once.
  • To crack these challenging words, you need to have a vast vocabulary as it entirely depends on the number of words you are familiar with.
  • This will appear a bit tough for you in the beginning, but once you have all Wordscapes hack, it will become elementary for you.

Send Invites

Apart from guessing words, you can also earn some coins only by inviting friends via E-mail or text messages.

  • To send invites, click on the icon of ”people” placed at the bottom of the screen. Click on that button and start posting your invites either by texts or e-mails.
  • On average, you can earn around 300 coins in the game only by inviting friends.
  • With every joining by your invites, you will earn a specific amount of coins.
  • This is the best Wordscapes hack to earn many when you are going out of money in the game, or you are losing the level only by a few coins.

Watch Commercials

Wordscapes give you numerous Wordscapes cheats to earn coins, but you have to learn how to find these different ways. For that, we will provide all the best possible methods to earn coins.

  • Watching videos is one of the simplest ways to earn coins in Wordscapes. All you need to do is to spend a few seconds to watch these commercials and coins will be added to your account.
  • Usually, the videos are 25-30 seconds long and watching one video will make you earn 25 coins. Isn’tIsn’t that a great deal?
  • Though there is no definite number of videos you have to watch daily, you should just watch whenever a video pops-up during the game. Use this Wordscapes hack and grab the additional coins.

Buy Coins

You always have the option to buy coins with real money in Wordscapes. However, there is no compulsion on purchasing the coins. If you want to finish the level faster, you always have the option to buy it.

  • There are various packages made according to everyone’s budget. You can simply select which one of them you want to buy.
  • If you don’t want to buy any one of them, you can simply play the game using the above tricks and Wordscapes cheats, and you will get an equal opportunity. These packages are only for people who want to finish the levels quickly.

Final Words

So here are all the tricks and Wordscapes cheats which will help you clear the levels instantly in Wordscapes. For better results, keep following the instructions and have a useful vocabulary.

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